KIJK specialises in social media marketing and making it easier for customers to reach their potential clients. You’ve certainly been amazed at how the social mediums such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have taken the world by storm; but have you successfully incorporated the social media into your own overall marketing strategy? With smartphones and tablets becoming more popular and Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ on the rise, social media has grown into a multi-trillion dollar industry. With more than 552 million active users on Facebook, 75% of businesses using social media and 57% of businesses getting customers through LinkedIn, it’s obvious that any marketing strategy that doesn’t include a social media strategy is seriously outdated.

Some of the Social Media Marketing services that we offer:

Choosing the right social channels is a very important when trying to speak to your potential customers and getting them talking about your brand. Through in-depth analytics we are enabled to identify the best social media channels to use for any business.
We are thorough when it comes to choosing the right social media channels for our clients. We give attention to details like cross-channel messaging and: 1) If the messages are consistent over all the social media platforms / channels 2) If the visuals are branded and if the look and feel are similar across all social channels 3) If the profile images are across all social channels are similar
We methodically draw up social media calendars for each of our clients. The one big reason why we do this is because it gives us insights into what type of messaging is working and what does not. Social media calendars is a big help to plan ahead and schedule posts before they even feature on particular social media platforms.
We clean up different social media accounts for every client that we have. This enables the channels to run smoother and more effective. Here is what we do with Twitter (Just for example’s sake. Of course we do Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more): We have regular protocols for Twitter to keep our clients’ accounts operating smoothly and strategically. Our social team follows people back, creates lists of users and focuses on messaging weekly and monthly. We review these lists on a regular basis to ensure that they are active and growing. During regular checkups we discover lists that are not working and we unfollow any irrelevant or inactive accounts. This is critical to make sure that our clients are getting the most out of their Twitter profiles. For Facebook: One of the first things we do to clean up a Facebook account is to review all liked pages and unlike irrelevant pages. We will then source new pages for the client to like and is priority when creating greater awareness. In this process we identify pages to connect more deeply with and create a priority list for our social media managers. We will then review the timeline to ensure that all photos are relevant. Finally, we review all page tabs to verify their relevance and do away with them if they are not OR create new tabs if we think it will generate any interest.
We draw up monthly in-depth analytic reports for our clients. This report contains all aspects of the different social media channels being used by our clients. These reports are created to track growth and inspire new concepts and strategies for the different social media channels. It is also a great way of keeping our clients informed about what has happened and what is going to happen.